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It’s about the little things

Give Mini Mail to someone you love.

Mini Mailboxes go somewhere special like a nightstand or lunchbox. Every so often put a little treat in their Mini Mailbox and raise the flag to let your loved one know they have a delivery!

You can decorate your Mini Mailbox, but they also look great naked! Send tiny love notes or a twee token of your affection. At Mini Mail headquarters we believe big love is the most fun in small packages.

After all, it’s about the little things.

Latest articles

Mini Balloons

Mini Balloons
I'm not ashamed to say I went to the craft store with a goal of making mini balloons that could "lift" my mailbox away and I didn't leave until I had MacGyver'ed it out in my head. Once I found the right materials it was pretty straight forward.  The "lift"...

Mini Mail Creature: Doodles the Unicorn

Mini Mail Creature: Doodles the Unicorn
I just started experimenting with polymer clay and I love the concept of taking Mini Mailboxes and turing them into animals! I will add a tutorial in the coming days as I perfect her. This was my first pass at making a Mini Mail Creature. My son named her Doodles...

Gold Paper Stickers

Gold Paper Stickers
These paper stickers deserved their own cover photo even though I did them at the same time as the gold leaf sticker mailboxes.  I will say, if you like this and want to replicate it, you'll need more than the adhesive on the stickers. Maybe a little glue stick too? ...

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