Much like getting bangs, painting my nails always seems like a good idea up until the  point when I have actually done it. All those pretty colors, sparkly and shiny in their little decorative bottles, somehow once applied make my fingers look like ebony vienna sausages dipped in glitter.* 

So for my first real craft I thought I'd pick some low hanging metaphorical fruit by using a few of the dozens of nail polishes I have only used once to do some mail box paint jobs. Pretty straight forward, right? 

Here are a few tips to make it easy.

1. Pour some paint onto a piece of foil. 

2. Use a cheap acrylic paintbrush that is wide and flat to apply coats of paint. Acrylic, because these are the best to work with nail polish paint, wide and flat to cover a large surface area evenly, cheap because sometimes it is easier at the end to just throw it away then try to get all the glitter or bright pigment out for reuse. 

3. Glitter paint will take a few coats and look pretty bad on the first few passes. Be sure to let each coat dry between applications. For non-glitter polish you might even want to thin it out a little with nail polish remover to make it easier to get smooth coats. 

Be sure to put your brush in a cup with some nail polish remover while each coat dries. No need to clean it off entirely. Just something to keep the brush from hardening. I wrapped the top of the cup in some plastic wrap so my house wouldn't smell like a nail salon. #nobraindamagetoday! 

4. Keep the flag in the "Up" position for all coats. Don't worry about painting the flag or right around it. After you have the whole box painted the way you like it and have let it dry completely, (maybe even a few hours) push the flag down and repeat the steps on the small area where the flag was. 

4. Some paint styles look great with the contrasting flag not painted: 

5. I also love the "Louboutin" look with the inside painted red. 


And there you have it. Easy-pezey-lemon-squeezy. 


* Fun fact: when you google search "Bad Nail Polish Job" this is one of the images that comes up:




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