Toof Fairy!

Thing #1 lost his front toof tonight. We put that big sucker in his Mini Mailbox. After he went to sleep it was replaced with 2, $2 bills* then I sprinkled some fine grain glitter around the mailbox. Our manly tooth fairy uses black fairy dust, apparently. 

Be sure to use fine grain glitter in a darker contrasting color to whatever you are sprinkling it on. If your kiddo has a dark night stand you can always put it on top of a piece of paper or strategically placed book. This helps with clean up too. (I don't think we will ever get all of the black glitter out of the bed now!) 

Then I took a mechanical pencil with no lead and drew little foot prints in the glitter. If you mess up you can use the eraser end to push the glitter back and start over again. 

* When thing #1's first tooth started getting loose about this time last year, I decided $2 bills were an appropriate currency for the Tooth Fairy. I called around to banks until I found one that had $2 bills on hand. I went ahead and got enough for all of the baby teeth so I wouldn't have to worry about it again. I'm glad I did this because this monster tooth that came out tonight was a little unexpected and I'm glad I was prepared! I think $1 Sacagawea coins would be a great Tooth Fairy currency as well! 



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