Got a bigger brood who need Mini Mailboxes?

Family Packs include 4 boxes of any color.

Friend Packs include 2 boxes of any color. 

Mailboxes measure XXX and are made of bright, soft plastic.

Step 1. Give a Mini Mailbox to someone you love.
Step 2. Have them place it somewhere special like their nightstand, bathroom sink or a lunch box.
Step 3. Every once in a while place a little note or treasure in their mailbox and raise the flag so they know they have a special delivery!

You can decorate your mailbox (we've got inspiration on our Get Crafty page) but they look great naked too.

Not intended for children under the age of 6.

Cotton Candy Blue
Hot Rocks Pink
Pixie Stick Purple
Red Laces
Sour Apple Green
Toothache Black
Whipped Cream White